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Children's Books

My Siblings & I: Easy as ABC's (Paperback)

My Siblings and I: Easy as ABC's, is complete with 26 diverse, encouraging, and exciting words that are sure to create fun dialogue among children and parents. Each page will capture young readers with lively colors and pictures, while teaching them a new unique word. Great for toddlers, Pre-K to 2nd Grade, and any family searching to expand their child's vocabulary. A great way for siblings to bond while learning new words together.


The Adventures of Izzy & Maddox (Paperback)

The Adventures of Izzy & Maddox is the first volume in what is sure to be an exciting and educational series about a brother and sister who globe-trot with the help of a magical necklace. This exciting new series will have kids learning about other cultures and countries along with its sibling leads. 


Jax's First Day - Coming Soon!

Jax’s first day is about a turtle that is beginning his first day of school. Unsure of his new surroundings, Jax is hesitant to start this journey on his own. He quickly realizes that his classmates are very supportive, and that he fits right in with everyone else. They are all on this new path together, as they start their first day of school.

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The quality and thought put into this book, the stickers and the pins is SO amazing. Everything feels so nice! You can tell it was made with love and the intention to put a smile on each kid’s face!

Nicky, homeschooling mom 

"Not only do my pins make a great fashion statement, but every time I put on my jacket I’m reminded of the power of reading."


Everything in my box was AWESOME! I love wearing my pins and have put stickers everywhere.

Zoey, pretty cute 5 year old


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